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The Hudson Valley n (Hud-sin Val-ee) A scenic area nestled in the Catskill Mountain Region of New York State. A place on intense beauty, rich in nature, and home to masses of outdoor enthusiasts.

Outdoor Recreation n (Owt-dor Rek-ree-a-shun) the action of enjoying oneself while being outside, taking part in nature, all pleasurable activities within the outdoor world.

Expo n (X-po) ie. Exposition. An event held to entertain and/or educate, somewhere where people go to have fun, a place to unveil or showcase.

The Hudson Valley Outdoor Recreation Expo is an event that brings all aspects of outdoor recreation together in one place. Whether you are a sportsman, boater, bicyclist, camper, hiker, or just love the great outdoors, this show will present products and services that meet your needs or may even inspire you to become more involved in outdoor life.

Lilly with largemouth bass
Lilly catches her first Largemouth Bass.

Imagine spending the day driving all around looking for the perfect kayak, RV, tent, boat, bike, or fishing rod. Now imagine going to one location and being able to see it all!

The Hudson Valley lends itself to some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth and our goal is to bring you outside to enjoy it!

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