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The House Committee on Ways and Means has held hearings on various sections of the tax code during the winter and spring of 2013. Written submissions have been made by FairTax advocates to each of the subcommittees. It now falls to the chairman, Dave Camp of Michigan, and the Committee as a whole to transform the verbal and written submissions into some kind of tax proposal to submit to the Congress.

The better educated the constituents of the Committee's members are, the more pressure they are exerting on those members to support the FairTax. New York has three Representatives who are Members of the House Committee on Ways and Means. Our mission is to make all New Yorkers aware of the FairTax and its implications for themselves, their communities, our state, and our nation in restoring fairness, simplicity, and transparency to our tax system.

The recent revelation of IRS targeting of specific organizations is but one aspect of how the complicated tax code and its enforcement arm the IRS are imposing burdens on our freedoms and our economy that we should no longer tolerate. The hundred year history of the Income Tax and the IRS gives ample evidence that total replacement is required.

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