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"Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Jennifer and I have been living with multiple sclerosis for 12 years. My diagnosis changed from relapsing remitting to secondary progressive six years ago. In perusing the internet for various research articles, treatment options and other pertinent websites I came to discover that there is a dearth of information for people with more advanced forms of this illness. Correction: the information is there, it is just very hard to find. Initially, I wanted to create a place where people could go to find the most relevant pieces of information about MS without having to sift through pages of tedious, superfluous articles.

After that, I realized the same is true for many types of adaptive equipment and modification tools for people living with disabilities. Not only is there no great centralized location to find all that stuff, there's no real consumer advocacy/occupational therapy site dedicated to analyzing just how useful any of that stuff is. I have just as often tried out a new piece of equipment and loved it as I have said to myself, "wow, I just wasted 50 bucks for nothing." My two cents about the pieces of equipment I have used in the past might actually save somebody a dollar or two and a pound of headache.

Then, I decided that I might have something to say about the matter, having lived with it for so long, that could actually be of use to anyone living with a life-changing illness. Or maybe I just like to hear myself talk.

Whatever the reason for your visit, I invite you to look around and hope that you will participate in my discussion forum about MS, living with a disability, life and whatever other general musings happen to arise along the way."

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