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XFactor X-1
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XFactor FTA is excited to introduce two high quality Free-To-Air Digital Satellite Receivers to the North American marketplace! The XFactor X-1 and XFactor X-2 FTA Satellite Receivers are designed with the user experience in mind. The X-1 and X-2 both have an easy to use on board menu system with many great features. These models are manufactured in Korea and have been subjected to tough testing to ensure XFactor high quality standards.

The XFactor X-1 is a fantastic entry level unit with a front panel USB and software upgrade via the USB drive. It has very quick scanning and a great EPG. It is MPEG2 and DVB compliant for Free-To-Air reception. The XFactor X-1 is available now from Authorized Dealers.

The XFactor X-2 is a great model with 3x USB 2.0 Host (1 Front Panel, 2 Rear), HDMI port, and Dual Tuners with Dual recording (i.e. from both tuners). The X-2 allows you to time-shift (i.e. pause, rewind) live TV. This unit also has a great menu system and EPG. The X-2 will be available soon.

Units are available for sale only from Authorized Dealers.

We are looking for additional Authorized Dealers in the USA and are interested in finding an Exclusive Importer in Canada. If you are interested in joining the XFactor family in either capacity, please Contact Us.

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