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Introducing IET

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What is IET?
Integrated Energy Therapy, or IET, is an energy healing practice originated by Stevan J. Thayer and is taught internationally through The Center of Being. This technique is based upon the concept of the existence of 9 energy integration points on the human body. When these points are stimulated, it will safely and gently cause the release of emotional energy which a person no longer needs. This energy often will prevent one from healing and moving forward. The emotions of guilt, shame, heartache, betrayal, anger, resentment, fear, etc, when not properly dealt with can remain trapped within us. As a result, they can either arise at an inappropriate time or situation, or stop us from living out our soul's purpose through a happy fulfilling life. The energy of these "stuck" emotions, referred to by Stevan as "the issues in our tissues", will then be replaced by a quality of energy which is it's opposite: innocence for guilt, spiritual pride/self worth for shame, unconditional love/compassion for heartache and betrayal, forgiveness for anger, etc.

What does IET do for you?
Clients report feeling lighter, happier, and more in tune with their true selves. It's as though they feel taller, and with a heavy burden released from their being. Some comments from Scott's clients:

"The next day I was in a more peaceful state."
"I felt relaxed for days afterward, like the edge had been taken off."
"I was more in touch with my intuitive self. Awesome."

IET can be done on three levels, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The beginner level would be recommended for someone who has not had any experience with energy healing work. Beginner sessions will last anywhere from 20 minutes to 1/2 an hour and they can be incorporated into a Reiki session for a full hour of healing.

Intermediate level work is recommended for those who have some experience with energy healing and would like to move things up to another level. These sessions last a full hour and are very transformative. Advanced level work is the next step and takes the energy healing beyond the body to the soul level. Lasting up to 1 1/2 hours, it not only helps to release those patterns which have been holding us back from our true selves, but establishes a blissful connection to our divine nature. It is like riding on a wave of energy.

IET sessions are done fully clothed with the recipient resting upon a soft, cushioned table in a peaceful healing space. Comfort is of the utmost importance, so loose clothing is recommended.


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