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"Every now and then something extraordinary comes across your path. That happened to me several years ago when I was introduced to Scott Halma-Way. Scott is a sole practitioner in the City of Poughkeepsie who started my journey into the world of energy healing. It has allowed me to help others, but more importantly, help myself in my own life's joys and trials . It has lessened by anxiety attacks (you can Reiki yourself!), helped me speed recovery to my children's ailments, assisted me in helping my four legged kids when they were ill and given me a deeper understanding of those around me and myself. It brings about emotional healing as well as physical. And I only wish that I had known about this earlier.

As for the facilitator of all this, Scott, an astonishing human being...and just being in his company is like submerging yourself in a pool of acceptance, love and support and most importantly peace. His knowledge and abilities in this field are unsurpassed by most and just upon meeting him for the first time, I knew that I had been led to someone who would truly change my life forever. He is kind, nonjudgmental, grounded, patient, supportive and incredibly gifted.

If you do nothing else this year for yourself, take his Reiki course. Even if you do just the first day and get attuned to the first level, it will pay-off in spades on your future costs of Midol, Tylenol, Icy Hot, and Xanax."

Josine F. (4-25-2015)

"Having been a client of Scott for quite a few years now, I have experienced many Reflexology, Reiki and Integrated Energy sessions which have been wonderfully healing. Over the years, it has become apparent to me that as Winter approaches, my energy seems to become "off balance" and stagnant. At this time, I am especially drawn to the healing qualities of IET. These sessions have cleared the blocks, I have experiences physical shifts in my body and I can feel my energy begin to flow freely . I always leave a IET session feeling uplifted and elated."

Barbara L. (3-23-2015)

"Wow! What a great way to start the new year! Scott, you are such a blessing and an inspiration to all of us! Every Reiki exchange just gets better and better--many thanks for an incredible and memorable event!"

"Wow Scott! What a super-relaxing, yet powerful Reiki exchange evening--a perfect way to get rid of the winter doldrums. The IET energy was incredible! We all agreed that you got us "stoned" tonight!
Congratulations on your Reiki Fire initiation...well done! Thank you for your creativity, generosity and being the wonderful person that you are!"

Irene Y. (3-9-2015 & 1-6-2015)

"You are my 'sole' mate!!!!! I have not had one ounce of discomfort anywhere in my legs, calves, heels, feet all day today!!!! Please marry me! Well, alright, you don't have to marry me.....but I'll see you tomorrow nonetheless!!!

Julie E. (10-31-2013)

"Hello Lorie and Scott,
it is now almost 2 weeks since I met you in your Reiki class and would like to briefly touch bases with you. First I would like to say I enjoyed the class tremendously.....also both of you are wonderful people who answered their right calling. You are passionate, kind people and so very passionate about Reiki and I enjoyed it.

I have been transferring the energy every day as suggested by one of a few books I have bought. It said to do it at least for 21 consecutive days after the attunement. I still feel the heat radiating from my hands to my body, some positions more then others.

I will keep looking for your class and maybe decide to take the step II, but then again maybe step one is just enough for what I need."

Ivanka S. (11-5-2010)

"Scott is such a gifted healer!
His use of IET has made such a positive difference in so many aspects of my life! IET, has helped me to really re-connect with spirit and living well. I have become so much more in alignment with my purpose and living in alignment has helped me to bring so much more peace into my life. IET has brought me to be closer to my light and from that place to be so much more of a positive force in my life and the lives of the people around me.

Scott's healing use of IET is such a blessing, that has been so wonderfully and dramatically life changing!"

Gloria K. (10-15-2008)

"Hi, Scott.
I came to you with heel spurs and tired feet, unable to wear any shoes other than good support sneakers. Over the time in your care, I no longer have troubles standing all day and I am able to wear nice high heels with comfort. You have also become a friend and a person who provides a place of peace and comfort. I look forward to the reflexology appointments, for during and after the session the calm and restful feeling is wonderful. Even the one reiki session was a new, and to me, a mystical experience. You provide a means of connecting with ones personal being in a world were we tend to let all the stresses overtake us and throw our bodies out of balance.

I am very grateful and blessed to be a client and also a friend. Thank you for my happy feet!

Barbara J. (7-26-2008)

"Hi, Scott.
I wanted to just take a moment to thank you for this weekend's class, and for all you've taught me over the last 3 courses, and the last year or so, in general. I'm just beginning to understand how important Reiki is and will be in my life, and each new understanding is filled with gratitude toward you. You have been a wonderful teacher and friend, and fellow journeyman. We have much to look forward to on our paths!

Much love and light to you,"

Kathy S. (6-23-2008)

I wanted to thank you for the Reiki Master / Teacher class this past weekend. Your classes, the individuals in the classes, and the share sessions have brought profound and positive change to my life, my energy and my outlook on things going forward.

Your approach to teaching opens your students up to learning and being able to take everything in. The Masters class showed how everything is integrated and connected. On completing the classes, a deeper sense of joy, harmony, and peacefulness has been with me.

Thank you so much for all that you give.
Love and Light,"

Rich C. (6-23-2008)

"Hi, Scott.
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for today's class. There is a lyrical quality to the learning which is just beautiful. I also really appreciate your encouragement and support. I just can't tell you how it helps. I'm sure more than you know.

Again, I hope your Reiki I class is fun and successful for you. I wonder if you have a sense of what important work you're doing by passing your understanding on to so many of us. In a way, each time one of your students provides healing to someone, you also have helped that person heal. You must be so proud!

Love and Light to you,"

Kathy S. (11-10-2007)

The following testimonial was submitted by a client requesting Reiki for a horse with some behavioral problems.

"Hi Scott,
I just wanted to thank you for giving my horse back to me! He has been absolutely wonderful. This afternoon I tacked him up to ride, ... He stood there absolutely still, without being tied to anything and with the outer barn door wide open. We then went for a really nice trail ride in the snow with the dogs. I did some schooling on top of the hill, where he went like clockwork. He NEVER spooked! D. and I have been riding since his last session and he's been 90% better for each ride....

I called (my vet/horse dealer) tonight to tell him the "good" news for a change. He was amazed. He asked if you have always done horses and I said no, this is the first. He has a mare that he is having trouble with and asked me for your email address. I will give him your website. You may turn out to be a horse whisperer healer! Looking forward to seeing you in March."

Lenore M. (3-8-2007)

"I can't say enough about Scott and Reflexology. The benefits are multi-fold and long lasting. The incredible relaxed feeling is long lasting, not just the duration of the session. I credit Reflexology with causing a definite decrease in stress levels and with giving me the ability to better deal with the day to day stress that creeps into everyone's life. I highly recommend Scott and Reflexology. It's amazing!"

Marcia T.(3-28-2007)

The following testimonial was condensed. For the entire testimonial:

"I was highly skeptical [about Reiki].... I considered myself far too practical and pragmatic for such things, and quite frankly thought it to be nothing but *new-age nonsense*....a bunch of hooey.

While I know Scott to be a kind, gentle, sensitive soul, I also know him to be thoroughly practical and sensible and perhaps most importantly, a person possessing tremendous honesty and integrity. So, still skeptical but with a more open mind, I suspended my disbelief long enough to have my first Reiki session with Scott and I was astonished at both what I experienced during the session itself, as well as some of the more subtle, longer-lasting effects. The *healing energy*, that I had previously been so thoroughly dismissive of, I discovered is very real indeed. It was a truly remarkable experience.

Since my first session I have been back for several more sessions and have come to learn more about Reiki. Each person's experience is unique, and each session will produce different experiences/results, but it is always beneficial to physical, mental, and spiritual health. I am ... a lot more open-minded than I used to be and one who benefits greatly from my continued Reiki sessions with Scott."

Tricia A. (1-15-2007)

"I met Scott professionally about two years ago, mostly for regular reflexology and for an occasional Reiki session. In my opinion, his reflexology skills are second to none; as there’s a certain strength, precision and grace to his technique. About 10 minutes into a session, I’m so relaxed that I fall deeply asleep and wake up like I’ve had a complete body massage – simply wonderful.

Although admittedly I wasn't a “true believer” in Reiki, I can recount another powerful experience. After surgery for a hernia repair, I decided to try another alternative healing therapy and asked Scott for a session following the actual operation. Much to my total astonishment and disbelief, I felt this intense heat surge through the wound area and abdomen during the session. My recovery was rapid, and the pain and discomfort was noticeably decreased after the session – so much so, I was able to sleep comfortably during the night without pain medication. So, who knows ... woo-woo, ... universal energy??? What I do know and can emphatically say is that I’d recommend Scott for either Reflex or Reiki. Meanwhile, I continue regular reflex sessions with Scott - as it's my favorite.

So, if you’re thinking about a treat for yourself or if you want to include it as part of your ongoing health practice, I enthusiastically, and without any hesitation, recommend you consider calling Scott for a Reflex or Reiki session. Go ahead! --- Relax, let go, and enjoy!"

Steve S. (6-29-2006)

You are an exceptional teacher and healer. Words cannot convey my gratitude for all that you taught me yesterday. With regard to the clearing that you did on the right side of my body, I have not felt as "spacious" and "free" for as long as I can remember. It is simply amazing!
Thank you for the information on the chakras, and for everything else. I look forward to showing-up for the Reiki exchanges on the first Tuesday of every month until the Reiki Master training in October.


LoriAnn P. (4-10-2006)

"Dear Scott,
After almost a year of mornings where I was afraid to stand up because of the pain in my feet, I became acquainted with your wonderful healing hands. I had reached a point where I was afraid to even dance at a wedding because I would suffer for days. After just a few visits with you, I found that I could not only get up in the morning without pain, but could dance the night away! In addition, I can't believe how restful and relaxing both the reflexology and the reiki are. What a difference you've made in my life. Thank you so very much"

Monica M. (9-30-2005)

"Dear Scott & Laurie,
I think I'll be discovering for a long time to come how much my life has changed as a result of your classes & bringing Reiki into my life. I feel so fortunate to have both of you as my teachers & guides - it was profound but it was fun too, & I loved spending time with you. I hope to see you before long at one of the Reiki Exchanges. Thank you for everything.


Jane F. (6-12-2006)

"Dear Scott,
After having major foot surgery, coming to you for Reflexology really helped me to regain flexibility and movement. I feel that it helped to speed my recovery. It not only felt good, but was very beneficial."

Irene R. (10-18-2005)

"Hi Scott,
I thank you again for a wonder-filled and heartwarming and relaxing and insightful weekend. I will value my reiki master training for many, many years, and I wish to do half as much good as you have done, and I'll feel great about it, too.

Peace to you,"

Margaret H. (6-12-2006)

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