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Introducing Reflexology

What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is the ancient art and science of using pressure points on the feet, hands and ears to heal and revitalize the entire body. Reflexology helps to adjust the body's energy flow in order to keep the organs and glands in a constant state of balance. This focused form of acupressure and relaxation techniques helps the body in many ways. It aids in circulation, helps the body to release toxins and improves the function of the immune, muscular and nervous systems. While acting as a powerful therapeutic technique, reflexology also helps to calm the emotions and assist the body in releasing tension.

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The reflexes in the feet and in the hands are actually "reflections" of body parts. Their locations and relationships to each other on the feet follow a logical anatomical pattern which closely resembles the body itself. The physical act of applying specific pressures using thumb, finger and hand techniques results in stress reduction and in turn, positive physiological changes in the body.

Where did Reflexology come from?
Its origins date back to ancient Egypt, India and China. Reflexology as it is practiced today is based primarily on the system developed in America by osteopathic physician Dr. William Fitzgerald and further refined by Dr. Joe Riley and Eunice Ingham during the first half of the 20th century.

What does Reflexology do for you?

  • Reflexology promotes balance and normalization of the body naturally.
  • Reflexology reduces stress and brings about relaxation.
  • Reflexology improves circulation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Health & Wellness article

Scott wrote an article for the Health & Wellness supplement to the Taconic Press newspapers entitled "Reiki and reflexology". To read the article, click on the logo.

Scott on Reflexology Path
Scott on the Reflexology Path in Singapore


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