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<The 2015 Spring & Summer Fall class schedule is now posted>


Reiki Exchange

Scott hosts a monthly Reiki Healing Circle on the first Tuesday of every month from 5:00PM until 6:30PM at the Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center, 9 Vassar St., Poughkeepsie, NY.

This is open to Reiki practitioners from all schools as well as the general public. As a part of this event, they hold a free clinic for those who may be interested in experiencing Reiki for the first time or who may not be able to afford regular sessions. For more information or to reserve space for the free clinic, please contact Scott at 845-235-9329. Space is limited and is available on a first come, first serve basis.

From Scott:

This is where you get to put what you've learned into practice! It's a fun evening of giving and sharing healing Reiki energy. By the end of the evening you will feel energized and uplifted, calmed and centered. During a recent get together, we helped to alleviate someone's shoulder pain, eased a bad tension headache, supported immune function, experienced using Reiki with sound vibrations, and tried some new and great hand positions! (Can you imagine having two persons relieving your shoulder pain while another balances the flow of Kundalini energy within your spine with the assistance of a fourth person grounding you at your feet? It was wonderful!) These events are always different and unique depending on the unique synergy of the people who are present. Join us and see what happens.

2015 Reiki Class Schedule

Reiki 1:  Saturday May 2nd, 10am - 5pm, Bamboo & Lotus Healing Arts, Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center, $150

This beginner's class will introduce you to Reiki, what it is, where does it come from, and how to use if for yourself and others. We learn the history as well as self-healing techniques. The class includes both instructional and experiential elements. You will be guided through the whole process, from attunement to giving your very first Reiki session. It is an amazing day of discovery and beginnings.

Reiki 2Sunday May 3rd, 10am - 5pm  Bamboo & Lotus Healing Arts, Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center, $250

This class is the next chapter in the journey of Reiki. Your skills will broaden, your experiences deepen, and the amount of energy available to you will expand immensely. In the Level 2 class we learn how to work with the energy in new ways, how to increase it's flow, how to use it for emotional as well as distance healing. Meditations and techniques for healing your inner child, as well as that of another person are taught. By the end of the day you will feel much more empowered in your use of Reiki. A phenomenal day, indeed!

Reiki 3, ART and Master: Saturday and Sunday, July 25 & 26, Bamboo & Lotus Healing Arts, Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center, Level 3A $300, Level 3B $350

The Master Level is divided between Master Practitioner 3A and Master Teacher 3B. The first day, which can be taken alone, will complete the knowledge and skills required to be the best practitioner available. Techniques such as Reiki Aura Clearing, and other profound skills that will take your practice beyond the passive and into the active realms. Extremely powerful and empowering, this class will allow you to fully own and inhabit the energy for the fullest healing possible.

Level 3B is for those who wish to teach and learn how to pass attunements. This will open additional doors to your consciousness and allow you to share this gift with others.

For more information about these classes or to register by phone,
please give Scott a call or send him an e-mail:

(845) 235-9329

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