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Living & Being article

From the January, 2006 issue

Scott wrote an article entitled "Reiki Can Melt Away stress" for the Living & Being magazine published by the Poughkeepsie Journal. Click on the logo to check it out.

Friday, February 3, 2006

What is Karuna Reiki®?
   For many years, traditional “Usui” Reiki practitioners have been made aware of different energies and symbols during their sessions and meditations. By working together and by sharing information, they began to define what these energies were and how their corresponding symbols work. The International School of Reiki Training, led by William Rand, formalized the training and attunement process of these “new” symbols and was led to call it “Karuna Reiki®”. Karuna is the Sanskrit word for “compassionate action” and that is what this new style of Reiki healing is all about.
   While Usui Reiki activates the various energies through sight, sound, and motion, Karuna allows the practitioner to be a more active participant. These new symbols and energies are most often used in the same way as in traditional Usui Reiki, but in Karuna, sound vibrations are used to facilitate the removal of energetic blockages. It is a great way to break up stagnant energy. This is accomplished by empowering the voice to increase the strength of the various energy vibrations. Thus, toning and chanting becomes one of the most notable differences between the two styles.
   Clients have noticed an immediate difference between the two styles and find Karuna to be much more powerful. They report seeing much more color, feeling an increase in the energy coming from my hands, and the release of stagnant energy. Some who are more sensitive report that during periods of toning and/or chanting they sense energetic burdens being lifted out of their bodies leaving them much lighter than they felt before. They also feel as though they are surrounded by an abundance of light and experience a wonderful state of grace.
   I have incorporated the Karuna style into my sessions with virtually all of my clients, especially those who are working on deeply held issues they wish to heal. Their sessions have become much more intense, and at the same time they feel very grounded when it is complete. If you haven’t had a full Karuna Reiki® session yet, I strongly suggest that you schedule one and experience it for yourself.

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Monday, October 3, 2005

   Welcome to my web site and to my blog.  I will use this space to pass along information on what I've been doing, new techniques I have learned that the Reiki or Reflexology practitioners among you may want to try, and random thoughts on what may be going on in our world.
    As you may know there has been a great deal of change over this past year.  The biggest and most recent change is the relocation of my practice from Hyde Park to Poughkeepsie.  I must extend many thanks and gratitude for the immense assistance and guidance given to me over the past years by Margaret and Chris at Partners in Massage.  They have been the best and most supportive mentors that I could ever have imagined.
    I also owe a debt of gratitude to my parents, clients, friends, and teachers who have supported and helped me since I began on this journey.  A special word of thanks goes out to Laurie Friedli, my Reiki teaching partner and colleague at St. Francis Hospital.  Her kindness and generosity of spirit have helped me through the tougher times and she showed me the way.  Catherine Parisi and William Rand my Reiki Master-Teachers have inspired me in many ways as have all of my Reiki students over the years.  Also, I must thank Reflexologist Valerie Gdula for I  learned a lot through my feet while she diligently worked on them.  In addition, Bob Wolfe at the Omega Institute and Anthony Porter who are gifted Reflexology teachers.  Lastly the New York State Reflexology Association and the American Reflexology Certification Board which have helped me grow and be a better Reflexologist. 
    However, the one person I must thank above all others is my best friend and traveling companion through this life- Marty Halma.  He has given me a safe haven from which to build, explore, learn, and share love and light in this world.  He built this web site and keeps the home fires burning while I am working to help others.  None of this would have been possible without him.
   The next time I'll be writing about the differences between traditional Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki.  I hope that you will check it out.
   With Light and Love;
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